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Past Scholarship Winners

2017 Fall: Michelle Brennan - Sue Gover Scholarship

2017 Spring: Katie Smith - Shirley Cotton Memorial Scholarship

2015 Fall:  Carleen Marianek - Shirley Cotton Memorial Scholarship

2015 Fall:  Michael Adalia - Sue Gover Scholarship

2014 Fall:  Jenny Lyn Sivla - Shirley Cotton Memorial Scholarship

2014 Fall:  Leslie Mallard - Sue Gover Scholarship

2013 Spring:  Raena Hellgren - Shirley Cotton Memorial Scholarship

2013 Spring:  Saphina Williams - Shirley Cotton Memorial Scholarship

2012 Fall:  Sara Herbenick - Sue Gover Scholarship

2012 Fall:  Mai Nguyen - Shirley Cotton Memorial Scholarship

2012 Spring:  Sierra del 'horbe - Sue Gover Scholarship

2012 Spring:  Sarah Skipper - Sue Gover Scholarship

2012 Spring:  Billie Adkins - Shirley Cotton Memorial Scholarship

2011 Fall:  Kelly Conway - Sue Gover Scholarship

2011 Fall:  Antonia Ponce - Sue Gover Scholarship

2011 Fall: Rebecca Wilson - Sue Gover Scholarship

2011 Fall:  Paul DiBlasi - Shirley Cotton Memorial Scholarship

These past winners have received the Shirley Cotton Memorial Scholarship:

2011 Spring:  Lynn Slifer

2010 Fall:  Whitney Salmon

2010 Spring:  Taaka Cash and Diana Lacaci 

2009 Fall: Stephanie Burris

2009 Spring: Jennifer Wheeler

2008:   Vicki Parks and Paul DiBlasi

2007:   Christian James

2006:   Victoria Osterbrach and Aliza Morris

2005:   Stacia Diaz and Janice Smith

2004:   Angela Renaud, Wanda Williams, and Jarrell Jackson

2003:   Janet Cohen and Belena Adkins

2002:   Angela Simmons and Heather Barber

2001:   Sandra Tonkinson and Beth Moore-Capp

2000:   Erica Adams, Lesia Mooney, and Emily Brashen

1999:   Tracy Lynn Schilling and Mary Johnson

1998:   Wendi Holt, Janine Johnson, and Lisa Sturgill

1997:   Robin Crosby and Jennifer Boucher




Dear Nursing Colleague,

The Northeast Oncology Nursing Society will provide $1000 general nursing scholarship(s) this FALL 2017 to local nurses. Since 1995, we have provided $48,000 towards general nursing scholarships to local nurses enrolled in various nursing programs. 

Application Criteria:

  • Resident      of Northeast Florida – Primary residence in Bradford, Baker, Nassau,      Duval, St. John’s, Flagler, Putnam, or Clay Counties.
  • Enrollment      in an accredited, State Board of Nursing      approved nursing program at a College or University.  We are now accepting On-Line Programs.  Associates,      Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Nursing Programs Accepted.
  • Completion      of at least two nursing terms.
  • Cumulative      GPA of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale.
  • See      the attached application for instructions and inclusion criteria.      Either the attached Word or PDF Version is admissible.
  • Application      due electronically by Friday, September 22, 2017 to Teena Burchianti at:

Thank you in advance for your help in promoting these scholarships.  Please forward the attached electronic application form(s) to your colleagues, nurses and students. Please print and post on your bulletin boards.

The application can also be accessed in the next week on our website:


Teena Burchianti, MSN, ARNP, BC, OCN

NEFONS Scholarship Committee Chair

If you would like any additional information, I would be happy to answer your questions at the following e-mail address:

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